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The Second Trial by Rosemarie Boll

The Second Trial
by Rosemarie Boll


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Reviews of The Second Trial

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  • Rosemarie does an amazing job at the monumental task of showing now domestic violence not only impacts women, but children, grandparents, and society as a whole.

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  • Voice of Youth Advocates Review

    This first-time author provides a thoughtful account of life amid the world of domestic abuse, where children can feel confused when adults are not who they pretend to be. VOYA (Voice of Youth Advocates) August 2010

    The dénouement of this family's secret drama is both compelling and utterly believable.  Author Rosemarie Boll is a lawyer and her background in family law shows in this well-informed and uncompromising novel.  Resource Links Rating: E (Excellent, enduring, everyone should see it!) -- Resource Links, June 2010, Vol. 15, No. 2

  • CM Magazine Review - University of Manitoba

    This novel is valuable as it presents domestic violence victims as empowered individuals who can extricate themselves from desperate circumstances in order to forge new lives.  Recommended. --CM Magazine: Canadian Review of Materials Sept. 24, 2010

    MidWest Book Review

    A life shattering event forces changes that no child wants.  The Second Trial is a read of a child finding it hard to adapt to a new world, which many young readers may find relation to. Highly recommended. 5 stars.

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    This moving portrait of a troubled family, coping with a situation they never planned for, is a real page turner. Recommended. Reviewer: Judy Silverman.

Reader Reviews

White Pine Readers:

  • Had me in tears (and I never cry from books).
  • This is the best book I read from the selection.
  • I loved it. A must read.
  • Your book was eye-opening.
  • Thank you for your dedication to social change.
  • I think I’d feel confused and distressed, and utterly helpless if I had to change my identity.
  • Your book was spectacular to read!
  • Your book rocked!
  • I found that I could not put the book down.
  • Loved the book. Very informative to someone like me who is considering going into the law.
  • It kept me on the edge and I didn’t want to put it down.

More Reviews

Author Rosemarie Boll’s first novel describes in often harrowing detail, the devastating effects that spousal abuse can have on a family.

  • Arwen Rudolph, Canadian Children’s Book News

The ultimate redeeming quality of The Second Trial is its gut-wrenching realism.

  • Hilary Barlow, Herizons

This is a great story of upheaval and change, as well as the conflict a young person feels when his life is abruptly changed and he feels like he has lost control. Recommended.

  • Alda Moore, Library Media Connection

This book is very good! One learns, through the eyes of a child, how domestic violence affects all members of a family.

  • Julia Rank, Canadian Teacher Magazine

Boll does a terrific job portraying how violence is like a cancer. It is an excellent read for teens and young adults.

  • Peter Smyth, The Advocate

This story is beautifully told, and readers will be pulled along with Danny as he slowly comes to face reality and his own demons. With most of the graphic violence offstage, this story is sensitive enough for younger readers to handle, yet the characters seem so real.

  • School Library Journal