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Pacific Northwest Library Association

Pacific Northwest Library Association
2013 Young Reader's Choice Award
Nominated and Short Listed
Ontario Library Association
2011 White Pine Award
ForeWord Magazine's
2010 Young Adult
Book of the Year
The Second Trial by Rosemarie Boll

The Second Trial
by Rosemarie Boll

The Second Trial
by Rosemarie Boll

What do you do when your father becomes the enemy of your family?

Danny McMillan never knew that his father was abusing his mother, until a night of violence that shattered his family forever. Watching in the courtroom as his father is sentenced, Danny struggles with divided loyalties – to his mother on one side and to his father whom he wants to forgive on the other.

After one trial is over, another begins for Danny. Social services and the police convince Danny’s mother that they must go into a victim protection program. Danny is asked to leave everything behind – his home, his friends, and the love and support of his grandparents. In a new city and attending a new school, Danny is even given a new name – David Mayer. But who is David? He is someone that Danny does not want to be, living a life he cannot accept. As David, he is pushing boundaries he never would have pushed.

If the normal rules no longer apply, why not break them?

Author’s Note:
It takes only one abuser to endanger a whole family. In some cases, conventional laws (restraining orders, criminal proceedings) cannot keep victims safe. In 1997, the Alberta government started a program of last resort. It was called NIVA – New Identities for Victims of Abuse. The program operated for ten years, assisting about five hundred people, some of whom received complete identity changes. Canada’s federal government then took over the program, now called Confidential Services for Victims of Abuse (CSVA). Other countries have similar programs for victims and their families.

2010 Nominated by ForeWord Magazine's Young Adult Book of the Year

2011 Nominated and Short Listed by the Ontario Library Association's White Pine Award

2013 Nominated by the Pacific Northwest Library Association Young Reader's Choice Award

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The Second Trial by Rosemarie Boll

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