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Pacific Northwest Library Association

Pacific Northwest Library Association
2013 Young Reader's Choice Award
Nominated and Short Listed
Ontario Library Association
2011 White Pine Award
ForeWord Magazine's
2010 Young Adult
Book of the Year

LawNow -- After 35 years as a print publication, LawNow has transformed into an online publication. The LawNow digital edition was launched April 1, 2011 and continues to include all of the features and articles that showcase the best in public legal information and education. The online edition is user-friendly and easy to navigate, and includes a searchable database of past issues. LawNow Magazine provides credible legal information, interpretation, and comment to help Canadians:

  • -- Make critical decisions in their professional and personal lives;
  • -- Make meaningful and effective contributions to the democratic life of their communities and the country.

Selected Articles
by Rosemarie Boll
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