Award Nomination

Pacific Northwest Library Association

Pacific Northwest Library Association
2013 Young Reader's Choice Award
Nominated and Short Listed
Ontario Library Association
2011 White Pine Award
ForeWord Magazine's
2010 Young Adult
Book of the Year
The Second Trial by Rosemarie Boll

The Second Trial
by Rosemarie Boll


Societies the world-over tell people what they can and cannot do by creating laws. These laws touch virtually every part of our lives. Most of the time, they operate quietly in the background and help society function in an orderly way – imagine the chaos in a big city without traffic laws. People don’t often think about the laws that govern them until something goes wrong.

A complex tangle of laws regulates family life. This website is intended to help families understand how those laws affect them, particularly when they find themselves in court.

Relocation Advisory Guidelines --
an idea whose time has come?

Law professor Nicholas Bala of Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, took a close look
at 750 Canadian cases where one parent asked for the court’s permission to move a child against
the other parent’s wishes. (read more)

Truth in Fiction:
How the power of storytelling can help us address social issues

THE SECOND TRIAL was nominated for the 2013 Young Reader’s Choice Award, sponsored by the Pacific Northwest Library Association. The PNLA includes libraries in Alberta, British Columbia, Idaho, Montana, Washington. The PNLA is over 100 years old and its YRCA is the oldest children's choice award in the U.S. and Canada. THE SECOND TRIAL is in the middle division category for grades 7 – 9. Books are judged on popularity with readers. Students vote between March 15 and April 15, 2013.